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Thursday, October 28, 2010

RBDCK Kerala website www.rbdck.com for road/bridges monitoring

Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala Limited (RBDCK) has launched its official website at www.rbdck.com.

Roads and Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd (RBDCK) established in 23rd September 1999 at Kochi works under Government of Kerala for building and strengthening infrastructure facilities for the overall development of the state.

RBDCK website offers general information, an enquiry option, a discussion forum, photographs, details of road networks, maps, tender, career information etc.

An important feature of the website is the PROGRESS section where the progress of works pertaining to roads are monitored and photographs are displayed.

The website is maintained and developed by SAASVAAP Techies Pvt. Ltd.

Visit the website at www.rbdck.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nchan malappuram jillayile thuvvur panchayathil neelanchery wardil thamasikunnu ente nattile road soaling kazinchittu 10 varshamay ithuvare tar cheythitilla athinal nattukark yathra cheyyan valare prayasamanu bus sarviec nirthivechu taxikal ee roadileek varunnilla chalikulamayitund dhayvay nchangalude agraham avakasham purthiyaki tharanam

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