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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nemom Constituency Kerala Assembly Elections 2011 Results, Candidates

When election becomes nearer and tougher, the Nemom constituency is one which gets good attention. This time the constituency has undergone various changes from that of earlier. The constituency was ruled by villages has now almost become cities.

The candidates in Nemom also add an oomph factor to the election. V. Shivankutty, who was M.L.A in the Trivandrum East constituency last time ,contests for L.D.F, Socialist Janatha district president Charupara Ravi is there as the U.D.F contestant and O. Rajagopal as the B.J.P candidate.

Entering to social work through student politics, V.Sivankutty had performed from district to state presidential responsibilities of the S.F.I. He also held the post of Ullor panchayath president and the corporation mayor. After graduating from the Law Academy, Sivankutty became the Senate member of the Kerala University for 13 years. He was also the general council member for the Agricultural University. He is presently the CITU district president and CPM secretariat member.

Ravindran Nair alias Charupara Ravi has a strong background of working for the labour division. The socialist Janatha candidate entered to mainstream politics through the I.S.O. and then he became the socialist party member. He has been the Socialist Yuva Janatha district chairman and Yuvajanatha state president. From 1989 to 96 and then from 2004 he acted as the Janatha Dal District president. He has also been Gramapanchayath member, rubber board vice- chairman, K.S.R.T.C director board member and Travancore Devaswom Board member. Apart from this he holds the membership in various trade unions of labour sections. He had earlier contested from Aryanad in 1980 and from Neyyatinkara in 96.

Former central minister and elder politician O.Rajagopal stands as the B.J.P candidate in the Nemom constitution. Entering through the Bharathiya Janasangham, he became the state president at the start of B.J.P. he also held the positions of All India general secretary and vice-president. Became rajyasabha member in 1992 and was the union minister from 1999 to 2002. He had experience over various fields like law, company, parliamentary, defence, urban development, railway etc. Had been in arrest after joining strike against the emergency period. He was also prominent in various movements like Thaliyil temple strike, Malappuram district formation freedom movement etc.

With three major and elder political candidates in Nemom constituency, the fight is getting harder and leaves us without clue. Will Sivankutty win over with his smiles or is it Ravi with backings and even Rajagopal for his experience. Its just’ wait and see’.

Submitted by Sithara Issac, Trivandrum
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