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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aruvikkara Constituency Kerala Assembly Elections 2011 Results, Candidates

The constituency without much ornations or fights was known as Aryanad since the origin of Kerala. This time the constituency will be called as Aruvikkara.

Aruvikkara is known as the fort of the Congress. It is the 5th time that G. Karthikeyan is contesting For the U.D.F from this constituency which is a record in the district.

Karthikeyan has had a straight path to the top of the Party. He has been bestowed upon the various posts like K.S.U treasurer, general secretary, president, Youth Congress generala secretary, president, KPCC general secretary, vice- president and so goes the list.

It was in 1980, G.Karthikeyan first contested, but he failed against Varkala Radhakrishnan. He first won from the Trivandrum north. Thereafter he started contesting from Aryanad. After that he had no look backs.1996, 2001, 2006….he completed 20 years in the same constituency.

Ambalathara Shreedharan Nair contests for the R.S.P in Aruvikkara. From 77, R.S.P candidates have always been elected to the assembly. K.S Vamadevan in 77, Pankajakshan in 80, 82, 87 and then after his failure in 91, R.S.P tried many other contestants.

Present contest, Shreedharan Nair is the district secretary of R.S.P. it is the first time he is into the elections. He was the chairman of Agro Industries Corporation earlier.

The B.J.P isn’t laid back in Aruvikkara this time. The state secretary of the party, C. Shivankutty is really confident about writing a new history in the constituency. In 2006, B.J.P got only 1832 votes whereas in 2009 there had been a gradual increase to 7135 votes. This gives new hopes to the B.J.P even in midst of the strong opponents.

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