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Monday, May 23, 2011

Who fears the league channel?

The new channel IBC (Independent Broadcasting Council) of the Muslim league is preparing to make its launch into the malayalam news channel scenario. After facing many obstacles, when the channel leads to launch, the team is hit by many rumours. the Executive editor of the Channel, Gopikrishnan talks to trivandrum.co.in in an exclusive interview wher he says that the rumours are all out of jealousy. excerpts from the interview:

? The name of the channel is Independent Broadcasting Council. Do you believe in impartiality of news?

Infact there is nothing like that. Eventhough it is muslim league’s channel there may not be a partiality. And where can you see complete impartiality in other news channels? Everyone have some kind of slant. We wont give only league news avoiding others. We will also try to avoid minority partialities and more city centered news.

? Indiavision, the channel you worked with earlier gives more city centered news. Do you agree?

Our national channels have different characters. City people always satisfy themselves scanning through website news. But its pitiful that the villagers are helpless and they have to see news mostly concerned with the city problems and solutions. Very rare reporters like Sainath give importance to rural reporting.

? Do the issues surrounding P.K Kunjalikutty in anyway affect the image of the channel?

The rumours against Kunjalikutty have lost ground now. The malayali society has understood why Indiavision bought up the icecream parlour case in connection with the elections.

? About the criticisms about you and the channel that were in the social networking sites?

It is true that due to some technical problems in the bankin g sector, we were late to pay the staff last month. And its doesn’t matter what the staff did on this issue. The truth that It’s my old colleagues of the new channel who is behind all these pains me.

? Is IBC the channel of muslim society or the muslim league?

Neither of these. IBC is malayali’s channel. It has a peculiarity that it is a news channel from the Malabar.

? Even deshabimani does lateral entry, Britas goes to Mardoch’s channel. In tis changing era, what is professionalism?

I would say showing sincerity to your work is professionalism. Then the organization comes to second priority. A 100 percent media professional cannot stand in one organization for long. The interests of the journalist and the organization should be same. Its lucky if it happens that way.

? There is a sudden mushrooming of news channels in Malayalam. Will the the salary for the staff will be as for teachers in unaided schools?

Malayali media professionals should not stick on to the small canvas of Kerala. Internationally there are keralites working in Al Jaseera and B.B.C. everyone in my organization is well paid.

? What do say about the new trend of sensationalizing every news?

That doesn’t really count. Journalism should not be just what you get from the ministers but you should get into development journalism and report the un noticed.

? Who are the unnoticed?

Arunachal Pradesh chief minister went missing along with his helicopter. The same day, bin laden was dead. Then Arunachal Chief minister was missing in the news too!. Here a minister of India was unnoticed, when we gave importance to a foreign ladan.

? Will you be able to overcome such things?

I am trying for that. We are training our reporters for this. We will resist urbanization.

? Who are behind the channel?

Muslim league general secretary P.K. Kunjalikutty is the chairman, Malappuram, thirur native Mohammed Saifudeen is the managing director, his brother Kunjikadar is vice chairman, IT head of Madyamam daily and Dubai based electronics engineer, Renu Kuruvila is the General manager. Kerala E-Media Development and Services – KEDS
is the promoter.

? What would you follow from the Muslim League?

The secularist ideology of league and interest towards the unnoticed and minorities.

? So we can expect there wont be news supporting the upper class or the majority only?

Of course. Muslim league brought the minorities to the top in the society. Like wise the channel also will take the same path. We will over come the majority dominance. we have started our mission to destroy our enemies. Whoever resists, IBC will become Malayali’s own channel.

Prepared by Sithara Issac, chithuissac@gmail.com

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