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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dates bought the 'Spring of Taste' back in the City

Kimiya, Kasco, Fard zarari, Mariyami ... they all are here in our city streets. No i'm not
telling the names of the soccer players from middle east. These are the varieties of Dates
available in the city.

As Ramzan completes its first week, the Dates availablity is awesome in Trivandrum. The
response of Trivandrumites are also very good. "We know the demand for Dates will increase
very much in Ramzan season, so we have imported quality product for this season" said
Mansoor, Dates vendor in Connemara, Palayam.

Among the import quality Dates, Kimiya from Iran is the most costly and mostly demanded
variety. It costs 200 per Kg. Kimiya is the sweetest and softest Dates available in the
market. Next in the line is Kasco from Saudi Arabia. It costs around 160-170 range per Kg.
Kasco too is sweet but it is not as soft as Kimiya.

Another important Dates available in the market is Fard-Zarari from UAE. It costs around
140-160 range. It got the darkish brown colour, but not so sweeter comparing with Kimiya.

Mariyami is another important variety of Dates available now and she hails from Kuwait. Mariyami is a beauty, reddish in colour and thick in nature and cost is rupees 80 per Kg.
Augustine, who is a gulf return and a big lover Dates said "i always eagerly wait for Ramzan to come, for tasting varieties of Dates."

Dates may be a fruit, but it unites the taste and take away the barriers of differentiated food cult of different sects of people.

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