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Monday, August 15, 2011

New Coins with 'Rupee symbol'

Trivandrum, August 15: Reserve Bank of India has issued 4 new coins of one rupee, two rupees, five rupees and 10 rupees.

This is the first time, the 'rupee symbol' inscribed coins are issued by RBI.

The one rupee coin and two rupee coin is made of ferratic stainless steel while five rupee coin is golden coloured. The 10 rupee coin has a twin shade with outer circle in golden shade and inner circle in silver shade.

The weight of the new one rupee coinis equal to the old50 paise coin [3.79 grams]. The two rupee coin has the same weight of oldone rupee coin [4.85 grams] and no change in the weight of new 5 rupee coin, the only change is the addition of rupee symbol to it.

The 10 rupee coin is made from nikel weighs 7.71 grams. The five rupee coin is made in Hyderabad Mint and other three coins are made in Mumbai Mint.

Citizens are waiting to see the currency notes with rupee symbol which is expected to reach soon.

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