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Monday, September 12, 2011

Trivandrum Customs and Central Excise, Airport Notifications

Text of Notifications issued in the year 2011

Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009

ATA Carnet (Form of Bill of Entry & Shipping Bill)  Regulations,1990

Baggage (Transit to Customs Stations) Regulations, 1967

Bill of Coastal Goods (Form) Regulations, 1976

Bill of Entry (Electronic Declaration) Regulations, 1995

Bill of Entry (Forms) Regulations, 1976

Boat Notes Regulations, 1976

Bonded Aircraft Stores (Procedure) Regulations, 1965

Courier Imports and Exports (Clearance) Regulations, 1998

Customs (Fees for Rendering Services by Customs Officers) Regulations, 1998

Customs (Provisional Duty Assessment) Regulations, 1963

Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004

Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 1984       [Superseded by Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004 ]

Customs Refund Application (Form) Regulations, 1995

Export Manifest (Aircraft) Regulations, 1976

Export Manifest (Vessels) Regulations, 1976

Export Report (Form) Regulations, 1976

Goods Imported (Conditions of Transhipment) Regulations, 1995

Import Manifest (Aircraft) Regulations, 1976

Import Manifest (Vessels) Regulations,1971

Import of Gold and Silver By Passengers (Form of Bill of Entry) Regulations, 1994

Import Report (Form) Regulations, 1976

Imported Packages (Opening) Regulations, 1963

Imported Stores (Retention on Board) Regulations, 1963

Levy of Fees (Customs Documents) Regulations, 1970

Manufacture and other Operations in Warehouse Regulations, 1966

Passenger's Baggage (Levy of Fees) Regulations, 1966

Project Imports Regulations, 1986

Shipping Bill and Bill of Export (Form) Regulations, 1991

Shipping Bill for Aircraft Spares Ex-bond Regulations, 1975

Special Economic Zones (Customs Procedures) Regulations, 2003    [Superseded by Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006]

Transportation of Goods (Through Foreign Territory) Regulations, 1965

Uncleared Goods (Bill of Entry) Regulations, 1972

Warehoused Goods (Removal) Regulations, 1963

Text of Notifications issued in the year 2011

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