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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haritha Diabetic Clinic: New Methods to Resist Diabetics

Trivandrum, October25, 2011: Haritha Diabetic Clinic, which is located in Thrissur, comes with a soothing news to all Diabetic patients that it is curable disease and there is no need to have life long medication for fighting diabetics.

PPN Bhatathiri, the chief doctor of the clinic opines that there is no need to have medicine when a person has been tested positive of diabetics. The first stage of it can be easily cured with exercise and diet control.

Also he says that the diabetics which is mostly found in Asiatic region is extremely different from what he have seen in Europe and American region. But the medication that we are following here is of Europe's and American.

For more details and methods contact: 0480 -2763803, 2760791, 9544400604, 9495123046.

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