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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indra: Advanced Technology in Trivandrum International Airport for Air Transport and Air Traffic Control

Trivandrum, October 13: The advanced technology named 'Indra' will be introduced to the Trivandrum International Airport for the total effective control of air transport, air-traffic, safety and security.

'Indra' is developed by Spanish Information Technology and Defense Systems Company. The cost of this technology is Rs. 2.15 crores and apart from Trivandrum it is also planned to commission in Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Mangalapuram and Varanasi Airports too.

The technology 'Indra' will touch every aspects of air-transport and its safety. 'Indra' is already used in 62 countries. As per the change all radars in Trivandrum airport will be under the surveillance of 'Indra'. The modern technology guarantees that there will be no 'blind-spot' because of the effective handling of traffic available with the new system.

The existing radar and related equipment system in Trivandrum airport is 15 years old. Indra will uninstall all the existing units and it will add its own equipment soon in the Airport.

Indra can send message to air traffic controllers if the distance between two flights became lesser than the prescribed distance. Indra also can send messages to other airports with its own resources. Another important specialty of'Indra' is it can predict the Air-Gutter, which will help the pilots to control the flight easily.

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