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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Asianet Kodeeshwaran: Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran Questions/How To Register Through IVR Format

Kodeeswaran Registration Through IVR

STEP 1 – For landline subscribers of BSNL

Dial 505782775 for option A
Dial 505782776 for option B
Dial 505782777 for option C
Dial 505782778 for option D

STEP 2 – The Registrant will be taken through the IVR menu where he/she will be asked to enter gender (1 for male and 2 for female)

STEP 3 – The Registrant will then be asked to enter age in completed years (for e.g. if a person is 26 years and 11 months old, they will have to enter 26).

STEP 4 – The Registrant will be asked to enter his/ her area pin code.

The call will end with a thank you note / play back option. Further, the THANK YOU message will inform Registrants, if they are selected for the next stage then will receive a call. Kindly answer the phone yourself.

NOTE: All responses on IVR will be in MALAYALAM only

If any of the information requested during the IVR is not provided by the Registrant(s) as per the instructions of IVR within four (4) seconds then the instructions will be repeated once again, after which also if the answer is not received for further four (4) seconds then a termination message will be played and the call will end.

If answer is not received in the correct format, or is not from amongst the prescribed answer options, the question will be repeated once again; if an invalid response is received a second time, then a call termination message will be played and the call will end.

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