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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kerala, Goa offer lowest infant mortality rates in India

New Delhi, 2 February 2011: Goa and Kerala, the two Indian states has been rated as the best place to be born in India. The report published in the TOI, qouting the data from Union health ministry, the two states has the lowest infant mortality rates in India. Goa has an infant mortality death rate of 10 in 1000 whereas in Kerala it is 13/1000. Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest Infant Mortality Rate at 62, followed by UP (61) and Odisha (61).

The national average of infant mortality rate in India is 47. However states like Assam (58), Bihar (48), Chhattisgarh (51), Haryana (48), Madhya Pradesh (62), Odisha (61), Rajasthan (55) and Meghalaya (55) still have IMRs more than the national average.

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