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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trivandrum the best city in Kerala to live in - The Times Survey

Trivandrum, 1 February 2012: Trivandrum  has been rated as the 'best city in Kerala to live in', in a survey conducted by Times of India in connection with the launch of its Kerala edition. The Times online survey listed five big cities in Kerala which included Trivandrum, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thrissur and Kottayam. Trivandrum finished on top of the list which consisted of 30 odd parameters.

According to the survey the ratings of the top 5 cities are as follows:
1. Trivandrum - Score 2.90
A strong showing in leisure facilities, education, social infrastructure and job opportunities gave  it the top slot, but traffic chaos and parking problems pinch

2. Kozhikode - score 2.77
A consistently good showing is capped by top billing in open spaces and sports culture. Commuting and water however remain problem areas

3. Kochi - score 2.68
Clearly the best when it comes to job opportunities and good showing on cosmopolitanism and leisure facilities, but typical big city woes like traffic and costs.

4. Thrissur - score 2.42
Rates very high on civic sense and cleanliness and is also a less expensive city rather than most, but does really poorly in terms of offering job prospects.

5. Kottayam - score 2.33
Top of the bunch in educational facilities and is also one of the more women friendly cities, but lags on several counts to finish at the bottom.

(source: The Times of India Newspaper)

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