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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BSNL Vanity Mobile Numbers Auction 2012

Trivandrum, 26 June, 2012: BSNL Kerala has opened  auction of Mobile Vanity Numbers through Web & SMS. Customers can choose their favourite number from the list

provided in the website and bid above the base price. The auction will be held from 20-06-2012 to 30-06-2012 at www.kerala.bsnl.co.in

1. Procedure Through SMS:

Registration: Send SMS in the following format
REGVAN10-digit mobile number (for which the number wants to bid) to 56666
Eg: REGVAN 9400400400 to 56666
Registration charge: Rs.200/ for vanity numbers with base value in the range of Rs.10,000
to 50,000 and Rs.100/ for numbers with base value less than or equal to Rs.7000/. The
registration charges will be automatically deducted from the account of prepaid customer,
whereas it shall be in the monthly bill for postpaid customers. Incremental value: 10% for numbers of base value Rs.10000 & above & 5% for numbers of
base value Rs.7000 & below. SMS charge: Rs.2/- Per SMS

 Procedure for Bidding: 

Send SMS
CHOICE10 digit mobile numberAMOUNT to 56666
Eg: - CHOICE 9400400400 11000 to 56666, if the bid amount is Rs.11000
 To know the highest bid for a vanity number: Send SMS
CHOICE10 digit mobile number to 56666
Eg: CHOICE 9400400400 to 56666 (Note: For this, No registration is required)

2. Procedure through web:
Visit http://eauction.bsnl.co.in and register (Initial registration is free) Customer can register through “Login / Register” link – login with mobile number & e-mail
id – Customer will get Password via SMS & e-mail after successful registration.

Customer has to click “Login” by using received password and accept terms and conditions
to proceed further.

The list of vanity number is available at http://kerala.bsnl.co.in/Mktg/list_auc1.pdf

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