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Thursday, November 19, 2020

First Multilevel Car Parking System at Trivandrum Corporation Headquarters

Trivandrum, 19/11/2020: The first multilevel car parking system was set up at the corporation headquarters. This is the first time a government body is installing a multilevel parking system in the state. Seven storey parking system is provided of which 102 cars can be parked. 

Multilevel parking centers are also being set up at Palayam, Medical College, Thampanoor and Putharikandam. The center behind the Safalyam Complex can be used by cars and two-wheelers. 568 cars and 270 two-wheelers can be parked here. The cost is Rs 32.99 crore. A six-storey system is being constructed at Putharikandam. 210 cars and 240 bikes can be parked. The center on campus of the Medical College will accommodate 202 cars. In Thampanoor, a five-storey center is being set up opposite the Central Railway Station. 400 bikes and 22 cars can be parked. These centers will soon become a reality

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