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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Indian School of Martial Arts Trivandrum (Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram)

Indian School of Martial Arts
Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram (Indian School of Martial Arts)

About the Ashram
Located in idyllic and serene surroundings so typical of verdant Kerala, Dharmikam is a center of learning for Kalaripayattu and a center of healing through Kalarichikilsa by therapy and treatment for rejuvenation and healing of disabilities, diseases and injuries.
The spiritual center of the ashram is a magnificent temple dedicated to the Lord Hanuman. Teaching in Kalaripayattu and Kalarichikilsa is imparted through the traditional guru-sishya parampara where the disciple takes up residence with the master.
Graded certification of progress and proficiency is awarded at the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Instructor levels. Accommodation in the form of comfortable rooms and cottages with all modern conveniences are available and nutritional vegetarian meals are served to the residents from organically grown food.

KalaripayattuTraining Is a graded training schedule demanding dedication,desciplineand devotion. It is stratified into different levels.
Basic Level
Includes unarmed techniques through which the aspirant achieves mastery over his body movements and balance.
Intermediate level
In this level, the student is trained to attain agility, flexibility and co -ordination of body movements.
Advanced level
This level involves training with weapons.
Blunt weapons
Kuruvadi, cheruvadi [LEVEL 1) Long section staff or neduvadi [LEVEL 2]
Sharp weapons
Dagger-Kathi, Kadara, Vettukathi [Level 3]
Senior Level
Training is imparted in traditional sword fighting.
Instructor Level
Involves proficiency in the usage of sword and shield, spear and lastly urumi or the spring sword.
Kalarichikilsa and Marma therapy
Diagnosis - 'Nadinirnayam' - 3 day treatment
The treatment comprises reading of pulse, diagnosing blocks in the flow of energy and balancing it.
Revival-”Thapa Abhyakaranam”-7 day treatment
The treatment includes restoration of the smooth flow of energy and indemnifies the disproportion of Tridoshas in the human body.
Rejuvenation - “Dhrauvyo Ajangalam“-14 day treatment
The therapy involves detoxification -a method of removing impurities, which accumulate in the body as a result of metabolic imbalance.
Restitution-”Vivrithi Shamanam”-21 day treatment
The treatment involves PACIFICATION OF “JADARAGNI” and restoration of vital energy . Meditation which helps to achieve perfect body -mind synchronisation is an essential component.

Guru Balachandran Nair

Contact Address
Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram
P.O Parassala,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695508
Ph +914712234130/+919495038070
Email : masterkalariyil@yahoo.co.in
WEB - www.kalari.in

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