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Friday, March 26, 2010

Newman College B.Com Malayalam Question Paper hits controversy

Mobs clashed with shopkeepers who refused to down their shutters in Thodupuzha town during a shutdown called by Muslim groups to protest alleged inflammatory questions in an exam of a private college at Thodupuzha, police said Friday.

The question paper of second year B.Com degree Malayalam course at the Newman College here allegedly had references to the Prophet that the Muslim organisations termed as "misleading and inflammatory".

State Education Minister M.A.Baby said he has instructed Idukki district administration to register a criminal case against the teacher who prepared the question paper.

"The investigation will reveal if it was an error on the part of the teacher or if there was a conspiracy behind it," he said.

Meanwhile, the college has suspended the teacher and has apologised for the goof-up.

Student groups affiliated to the Congress and the Indian Union Muslim League took out a protest march towards the college.

A large contingent of police is guarding the college and protesters were not allowed to come to the college campus.

Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has ordered an inquiry by Inspector General of Police B. Sandhya into the incident.


Anonymous said...

The father less persons making his family groomed habit.Mr.Joseph should be adequately punished.He does not have the right to live in a secular state.Most impostant he should not be allowed to continue teaching particularly deal with grooming young generation.Please remove him from profession.Let him do his better work-beg in streets.

Anonymous said...

Let's get together to make a world without terrorists...!!!

Anonymous said...

All Media (Print and visual) are saying "abuse". But nobody is saying what is the abusing in that?. If the media tell what was the abusing then it will not continue anymore. The people who use bad word will understand this is abusing. I think the word "he" will not be an abuse word ?. In english we call our father also "he". Christians call Jesus as "he comes" ? In malayalam "avan varunnu".

Anonymous said...

I found the question it is here:


HARIZ said...

It was a purposeful attack by a perverted person on Islam. The questions show he deep hatred to Islam and Muslims. These kind of people are terrorists and will do anything...

Anonymous said...

For a statement (eventhogh its a bit annoying to a group) a man must not be hunted like this. He might have made a mistake. But the reaction shall be through proper means. Any way his action was not damaging to any one personally.

A few people (not the majority in the group) terrorising others in the name of religion is not acceptable to any secular society. Anyway India is not China, Iran or Saudi. Here freedom to criticise ideologies shall be protected, what ever the ideology may be, religion or political party.

If some ones' belief is strong enough, he shall not be disturbed by any remark made by any third person. Then why criticising muhammed (even if it is abusive) creates such an outcry for violence. Neglecting or reacting through proper channels is the best way. Otherwise repetition of the same may be the result.

Anonymous said...

i think all comments aganist the teacher, must be from muslims. Anyways these kind of acts will only further hamper thier own reputation. After all, how can you do this in india. ita a crime and the police should take action aganist those criminals. after all christians treat jesus as God, but they may not do a crime in his name. Why should someone commit a crime, just for a prophet. come on guys its time to look ahead, we have so many things to do and lets not waste time.

nishad001 said...

i want to ask you some question to whom he right this?if somebody abused ur wife and sister u will sit idle by saying he has right to do so?if he abused ur religion u will react likethe same u write?u can say this bcs this is upon muslim if it on other community like christian then fathers and mothers will be have 100 tounge

Anonymous said...

Do muslims think that they can take law in their own hands and just chop off someone.. the case is under process, and the decision is on the judiciary, nobody has the right to take law in their hands, this is purely a BARBARIAN act.

Anonymous said...

If someone abused your wife or sister, will you go and rape his wife or sister? Our country has a law; everyone who reside in it is obliged to follow it. Nobody is supposed to take law in their hands and make judgment. And no human or culture can behave above the law. Since a lunatic person wrote something out of, say hatred, killing him is the solution? Those who make vengeance against his action do so out of love?? Is your action also not hateful? Should you also not be punished? In whose name all this hateful things are done?? It is the Satan who wins ultimately! Religions teach Love, Brotherhood and Peace and not hatred and killing. Every action has a reaction; this is the law of nature. Those who kill will be killed; those who hate will be hated. We have no existence if no land underneath our feet. It is the land which give us life and existence. We should love our land first and then come religions. If we love our land we will, naturally, love what is in it; our neighbors. Those who destroy others' life and property, including the property of the land are anti social elements. Those who do so out of a faith, either religion or political, are antisocial elements who work against the country. They want to see the country destroyed and thereby ceasing the existence of its people. Love is the weapon against hatred. LET US REMOVE ALL HATE FROM OUR MIND BRING PEACE AND JOY TO OUR NATION.

Anonymous said...

We can not see a state like Kerala
in India.Here people live happily and very co-operatively. People like Mr. Joseph try to damage the communal harmony in KERALA. He shouldn't have made such an attempt. We know how christian people reacted against the drama KRISTUVINTE AARAAM THIRUMURIVU. In every religion, we can see some people who can not tolerate abusing their Gods/Prophets. We have so many experiences in front of us. Take the example of M.F. Hussain. Why should we anger others on religious matters? Let them do or belive on whatever way they want. What was the purpose of banning burquas in Christian Management Schools? The daughters of these christian leaders wear burquas compalsorily when they go for job in Saudi Arabia! Why do they wear it?

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