BSNL Fancy Mobile Numbers SMS Auction 2012 Begins today

Trivandrum, 4 January, 2011: BSNL Kerala has announced the sms auction of mobile vanity numbers.

The 5th phase auction of mobile vanity numbers of Kerala Circle through SMS for a period of 7 days starts from 10:00 hrs of 4th January 2012 to 10:00 hrs of 11th January 2012.

Around 1200 numbers are displayed in the website for sms auction. Some of the fancy numbers include 9400000000, 9400044444, 9400099999, 9400123456, etc. Three sets of number are available which are graded on the basis of importance. Minimum bidding for these number categories are Rs. 3000/-, Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 1000 respectively.

As of now the bid amount for the number 9400000000 has crossed Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

1. Registration:-
Send SMS REGVAN10 digit mobile number(for which he/she wants to bid)
to 53344.
Eg:- For getting registered for the mobile number 9400000000, send SMS
REGVAN 9400000000 to 53344.
 Registration charge for each number is Rs.50/-. This amount will be
automatically deducted from the account of prepaid subscriber. For postpaid
subscribers, the amount shall be debited in the monthly bill.
 Each SMS to 53344 will be charged @Rs.1.50/-.
To bid for a number, send SMS
CHOICE10 digit mobile numberAMOUNT to 53344.
Eg:- To bid for the mobile number 9400000000 at an amount Rs.20000/- the SMS to be
sent is CHOICE 9400000000 20000 to 53344.
The highest bid already received for the number will be intimated as back SMS.
To know the highest bid available for your choice number send SMS
CHOICE10 digit mobile number to 53344.
Eg:- To know the highest bid available for 9400000000 send SMS
CHOICE 9400000000 to 53344.
For this, no registration is required.
A bidder can cancel his/her bid during the bidding period by sending SMS in the
following format to 53344.
CANBID10 digit mobile number to 53344
Eg:- To cancel the bidding for the mobile number 9400000000 send SMS
CANBID 9400000000 to 53344.
An amount of Rs.50/- will be deducted as cancellation charges and the registration for the
number will also be cancelled.

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