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Monday, July 12, 2010

New International Terminal Complex NITC Trivandrum Airport

Khan M. Jahangir

On the golden jubilee day of Kerala, 2006 November 1, our government has commenced the project of Trivandrum International Airport’s new terminal also known as New International Terminal Complex[NITC]. Originally planned to takeover 120 acres but it acquired only around 34 acres. The terminal has been built in the acquired space and it is in the finishing stage.

The entrance and exit to the new terminal is through a newly built over-bridge in the Kovalam route [Chaaka – Eenjakkal by-pass]. It will take you to the entrance of the terminal. From the gate, the road bifurcate, the left hand side of the road is for the passengers departing and the right hand side for the arriving passengers. The parking space is vast as it provides space for almost 600 vehicles.

One can buy the tickets of different service providers from the entrance of the airport itself. A glass house is placed in front of the terminal for the purpose. There are three floors inside the terminal including the mezzanine floor. The left hand side of the ground floor is for the departure and the right hand side is for the arrival.

After check-in one can use the escalator for getting to the next floor. The baggage clearance and security check are arranged in that floor. Also the boarding pass should be issued there. After that the passenger can rest in the state-of-the-art lounge and wait for the announcement of the flight. The lounge has been specially designed for getting the view just-like the view from the flight. One can see the old airport, the sea and the picturesque visuals around.

The duty paid shops and other commercial establishments too are available in the lounge. The executive lounge has been designed in the model of a ‘flying-saucer.’ One can step down from the lounge to the mezzanine floor, where the aero-bridges are available to enter the flight.
One who steps down from the flight will enter the aero-bridge and through aero-bridge he will reach the mezzanine floor. The emigration and the customs clearance facilities are arranged in the mezzanine floor itself. For the speedy availability of the baggage, a 60 meter long conveyor belt is facilitated. The passenger can go down after clearing the baggage and he can directly go to the front side of the terminal. From there, through the over bridge the passenger can exit the airport.

If the authority can clean and improve the canal that is in front of the airport, we can use it for water based transporting facilities. The railway line is also running very close. If they can provide a one kilometer line from Veli railway station, the rail-transport too is applicable. So this makes it an ‘Air-Road-Water-Rail’ combined transporting facility. This uniqueness makes the airport a multi model hub.

The state-of-the-art facilities in the airport are made according to the most modern techniques prescribed by the international agencies. Steel and glass are the chief ingredients used for making the terminal. The centralized air conditioning, escalators and the flight information display are arranged according to the international standards. For the convenience of the departing passengers, the x-ray baggage examination facility is connected to the departure conveyor. This enables a speedy check-in before the journey. The Common User Terminal Equipment [CUTE] is facilitated in the check-in counters. CUTE is a user friendly computer system which helps each and every user. The security operations of the airport are very well planned. For the purpose, the closed circuit cameras are arranged in every nook and corner. The making of the terminal is a modular structure where it can easily change the structure for the future needs.

The environment and the surrounding of the terminal is planned to be in total green. The preparations of the airport authority are in such a way to keep it in green and eco-friendly. For the purpose the authority has planted 40 different traditional plants inside the campus. In 5 years span, the campus will grow as a miniature forest. The garden, the water fountain and the lawn are well maintained. The advanced sewage handling system is built with the co-operation of Kerala water authority. The airport authority took maximum care for the least usage of electricity. For the purpose, the complex has been built in such a way to absorb maximum natural light.

The Trivandrum Airport commenced its service in 1935. This year marks the Platinum jubilee of its service. So the new terminal becomes the gift of Jubilee. In 1991, during the reign of VP Singh, the airport has been elevated as an international airport.

The New International Terminal complex is built over a period of two years at a cost of Rs. 289cr. The complex has an area of 32000 sq. meter. It can handle 800 passengers who are departing and 800 passengers who are arriving.

Pre check-in X-ray machines -04
Check-in counters - 3
Immigration counters - 26
Customs counters in departure - 02
Customs check red - 07
Customs check green - 02
Baggage claim conveyors - 03
Security check counters - 04
Car parking - 57g

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Unknown said...

its a nice description about the new airport building.

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